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Why Support GallopNYC?

Mind Brain Philanthropic Supports GallopNYC

GallopNYC is an amazing organization that Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation supports and that Regina Schroeder specifically has loved for a long time. In fact, you’ll find information about GallopNYC identified on this site as a charity we support. So you can more fully appreciate what makes GallopNYC such a remarkable organization, we put together this … Continued

Become an Ambassador for Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation

The Promise of Repurposed Drugs for MS

Please be Our Ambassador: Help Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation Raise $3MM. Mind Brain Philanthropic’s first fundraiser ‘The Promise of Repurposed Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis,‘ held on September 8, 2022, was a resounding success. About 40 attended, raising $30,000. In addition to discussion, food, drink, and fellowship, Dr. Tim Vartanian spoke about the research his team … Continued

Fielding the Judith Jaffe MS Center MS Walk Team

Fielding the Judith Jaffe MS Center MS Walk Team

I love organizing the Judith Jaffe MS Center MS Walk Team so friends at the Judith Jaffe MS Center can have a fun day outdoors and raise some money for MS research. The scientists and researchers at Judith Jaffe Weill Cornell receive millions in research grant money for the MS Society, and I feel like we … Continued

Announcing our $3MM Campaign

Announcing the Mind Brain Foundation Campaign

The goal for the first Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation fundraising campaign – StandUp 2 MS – is to raise $3MM to fund regenerative medicine research targeted to promote repair in the Central Nervous System. We have identified a research effort at Weill Cornell Medical College that fits these goals.