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Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation

MBPF seeks to improve the lives of those struggling with brain illnesses by raising money to support medical research and organizations that provide quality of life programs and services.

To learn more and join our MS Stand Up Campaign,

Funding scientific investigations into the causes and treatment of brain diseases such as MS. Fundraising is personal when you or someone you know could greatly benefit from the investigation the money will support.

We are proud to announce MS Stand Up.  MS Stand Up is MBPF’s campaign to fight Multiple Sclerosis through Comedy.  Join us for our 2nd Annual Comedy Benefit on September 30, 2024.

The money raised through MS Stand Up provides much needed funding for medical research to find new treatments and hopefully, one day, a cure.

More specifically…

Each year MBPF contributes to and participates with the joint Weill-Cornell Judith Jaffe MS Center & Weill-Cornell Imaging Walk MS team for the National MS Society.  In 2024, the team raised $6,000.

In 2023, MBPF’s MS Stand Up held its first Comedy Club event raising $28,000.  Proceeds were presented to Weill-Cornell Medical College to help fund one of their MS research projects, investigating whether already approved drugs have properties that would facilitate myelin regeneration. The initiative has made progress and will proceed with further, expanded study.

In 2022, MBPF held its first event – a cocktail party raising $25,000.  Proceeds were donated to further an MS research initiative to investigate whether a particular bacteria present in the human biome is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis.  The research has proved fruitful and a large-scale human study is being planned.

Won’t you join us in this fundraising campaign?

How To Get Involved in the Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis

Here’s how you can assist the team from Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation in their efforts to raising funds for MS Stand-Up against Multiple Sclerosis!

Watch, Like, Share

Involve Everyone Around You

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘It takes a village.’ That holds for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis!


Every amount helps, no matter the size. Mind Brain Foundation needs your support in funding this important collaborative research at Vartanian Labs, Weill Cornell Medicine & The Rockefeller University.

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