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Your financial support is critical to Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation’s “StandUp2MS” mission.

Moving forward with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research to develop the next generation of medical therapies requires a lot of time and money. While we have established an aspirational goal of raising $3MM, we know that every journey begins with individual first steps.

Stand Up 2 Multiple Sclerosis

Step 1: Raise $150K

The first step is to raise $150K to keep 3 talented researchers – Drs. Gauthier, Linden, and Rumah – working at Weill Cornell Vartanian Labs for a year so they can focus on repurposing drugs as they develop a better understanding of the disease and its causes.

We invite you to hear firsthand from them about their research into MS by watching these video interviews.

Dr. Rumah
Dr. Linden
Dr. Gauthier

Where We Are in Fundraising

>> Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation dba Stand Up 2 MS donated its first $25K to Weill Cornell Vartanian Labs on January 1, 2023.

We still need to raise $125K to reach the $150K goal.

Please Donate Now to Support Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation and StandUp2MS!

Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation is focused on improving the lives of people with MS, and similar diseases that affect the brain. We are committed to ‘Standing Up 2 MS’!

Please help us to reach our first $150K by donating today. No amount is too small. Every donation is meaningful to combat this insidious, complicated, and debilitating disease.

Stand Up 2 Multiple Sclerosis