Charities That Mind Brain Foundation Supports
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Given Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation’s first-hand experience with the brain disease Multiple Sclerosis, several charities, in particular, stand out:

Not only does Regina Schroeder and the entire Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation Board support them, but we actively participate in them and invite you to do the same.

Regina Schroeder, founder Mind Brain Philanthropic Foundation, supports the MS Society Annual Walk in NYC.

Mind Brain Foundation Supports the National MS Walk

Every year, Mind Brain Foundation participates in the National MS Society Walk in New York City, joining the Judith Jaffe MS Center at Weill Cornell and Weill Cornell Imaging at New York-Presbyterian Super Team to walk and fundraise.

Whatever the Foundation is trying to achieve, we still take time to do the National MS Society (NMSS) Walk every year. We love doing the MS Walk with our friends and families, and contributing the donations we collect every year. 

The NMSS was there with guidance when many of us first got our MS diagnoses. It takes money to provide information and support research until an answer is found. The NMSS funds both, with our help.

Please enjoy the 3:15-minute video, and donate if you can.

Judith Jaffe MSRC at Weill Cornell Medicine MS Walk Team

Mind Brain Foundation Supports GallopNYC

Mind Brain Foundation Supports GallopNYC. Here, Regina on horseback.

GallopNYC offers both horseback riding and therapeutic horsemanship programs to New Yorkers, particularly riders with disabilities, veterans, seniors, and at-risk youth.

For an MSer with gait issues, there’s nothing like horseback riding. GallopNYC makes the magic of equine therapy available to disabled New Yorkers by subsidizing therapeutic riding programs.

>> See Why Support GallopNYC?

Mind Brain Philanthropic Supports GallopNYC

Have a look at the ingenious crest dismount of MSer L’Hava Israel – with a little help from her friends at GallopNYC in this first 50-second video.

These next two videos offer you a glimpse of what makes this program so beneficial. Your donation keeps the program possible.

This 20:08-minute video celebrates the new ramp at GallopNYC in Forest Hills that makes getting onto horses easier for people with disabilities. Note L’Hava who demonstrates the ramp.
This 5:03-minute video provides you with a first-hand perspective on how therapeutic riding helps people with disabilities in NYC.

Weill Cornell Medical College

Mind Brain Philanthropic donated to Weill Cornell Medical College for MS

Please join us in supporting these important charities.